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Playing Up!

Fair Play's e-Letter    March 2020
 Welcome to our Occasional e-Letter and with News of important changes to our website and news services.

Our News Service is now accessed via our website at:


There are two aspects  - FPfC News on Play
and FPFC News on other childhood issues

The Fair Play for Children Research Resource is also accessed via the website.

Instead of our previous practice of issuing 'editions' of our online papers, we now add stories continuously which has the benefit that we now are able to keep all published stories, articles for good instead of losing them after a month.

Already members and supporters have welcomed this new approach, the main thing is to visit our website regularly, at least weekly, to keep up with news and developments.

The Current Crisis:

With so many issues, restrictions etc, let's also bear in mind how vital it is that we ensure children have the MAX opportunities to Play, in the home and outdoors, consistent with official advice etc.


Youth Provision:  Make it Article 31 Compliant -click here

Fair Play's response to Government Review of Statutory Guidance re Youth Services calls for changes in the operation of existing law which imposes duties on Local Education Authorities which many are failing to observe

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Keep us Linked!
Fair Play believes that the more we know about what we're all doing, the stronger we shall become.  We're adding links all the time to our site - adventure playgrounds, rights projects, women's projects, children's football , Likewise links to your publications about play, early years and youth work.   Fact sheets, guides etc....   just send them into us at the email address in the opposite column.
Best wishes

Jan Cosgrove

Image may contain: possible text that says 'just heard a fantastic idea! For those home with children when schools are closed...ho ..how about having your kids write notes, color pictures and mail them to local nursing homes? The elderly in these homes aren't allowed visitors right now.'
  Of Course, the kids will dream up something:

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Let's Make The World Fit for ALL Our Children's Play

Freedom to Play ....


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